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Better Birth Private Childbirth Classes & Prenatal Massage

This unique, fun, and relaxing approach to childbirth education blends:

Mayan Abdominal Therapy:

Gentle massage technique that is done and taught to moms-to-be that helps to align the womb… which helps baby get into Optimal Fetal Position.   First-time moms doing this work throughout their pregnancy have significantly shorter births…sometimes as little as 6-8 hours!

Hands-on Pregnancy Massage Instruction for Partners!

Moms-to-be get a 4-handed massage!  Birth partners/coaches are guided in techniques unique to addressing pregnancy discomfort and birth.

Private Childbirth Education for Couples!

Couples who are trained and educated about birth planning, the birth process, comfort/advocacy measures, and postpartum care of motherbaby and family are CONNECTED and EMPOWERED… the absolute best way to begin their journey as parents together.   Our sessions teach dads/birth partners how to confidently step up in the best way possible to support their beloved birthing mothers.    We teach folks how to harness their Love and direct it in such a way that allows them to trust both themselves and the birthing process.

Care Packages Include

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