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Client Love!

I was referred to have Mayan Abdominal Massage by the herbalist that I am working with. I had never heard of this practice before. I did a little research and next thing I know, I’m on Reid’s massage table having an experience that is difficult to put into words. Magical, transformative, educational… I am so happy that I have found this therapy AND so happy that Reid is my practitioner.
She creates a space of trust and nurture right off the bat – beginning with the phone consult. During our talk, my body literally began to feel a sense of relief and hope for healing.
I met with Reid two days after the phone consult. The massage was relaxing, empowering and healing. I was floating by the end of the session. I wish I could have laid on her table for an hour afterward. After the session, Reid answered any questions I could think of and sent me home with a self-care goodie bag and instructions on how to perform abdominal massage at home. I went through the entire ritual last night, beginning with an Epsom salt bath. I can’t say that I enjoyed the self-massage as much as being pampered by someone else, but I had the most deep, restful sleep afterward.
This is a massage that I recommend for ALL women – to better understand your body, for relaxation, for re-adjusting as necessary and/or for healing. I am looking forward to my next visit in the series that I signed up for.

Lisa O. Atlanta, GA

I cannot recommend Reid highly enough! She is a wonderful person to be around and has such a calming presence. Not to mention, her expertise in Maya Abdominal Massage is a rare find! In addition to pregnancy and fertility massage, she also does postpartum work too. I suffered from uterine adhesions after the birth of my first child and was told I would have to have surgery if I wanted to get pregnant again. Two months after seeing Reid, surprise, I was pregnant! She was able to breakup the scar tissue through her massage work without me having to have surgery. I have continued to see Reid for deep tissue massage work as well, and I have to admit she is incredible with pinpointing where it’s most needed (particularly in my neck and back). Go see Reid! You will not be disappointed!

Anne A. Atlanta, GA

Reid was fantastic! I used her for a regular massage. I am usually very tense during massages but she had me very relaxed in no time. She found every knot that I had and eased the pain and tension out without “the pain”. She told me to let her know if she was being to hard and explained everything she was doing. I felt great when I left and would definitely recommend her.

Susan C. Atlanta, GA

I met Reid taking a prenatal class. I fell in love very quickly with her style. She has a gentle calm in her classes that make you want to connect with your baby while finding a balance and staying centered. Her prenatal massage was especially wonderful. She’s got a special touch and warm energy about her that makes the experience mindful and relaxing.

Anita H. Atlanta, GA

I had an amazing experience. The aura is peaceful and calming, it’s something you experience the moment you walk in. Reid left me with a great feeling of relaxation as well as gave me some wonderful health tips that are specific to me. Everything she did and said was in correlation with my body. I will most definitely be back. She is amazing and a natural healer.

Mary S. Powder Springs, GA

My experience with Reid was awesome. After finding The Womb Connection online, I filled out a questionnaire and received a consultation. My connection with Reid began on the phone because of how knowledgeable and passionate she is about her work. My massage was amazing, relaxing, and very informative. I can’t wait to return for my follow up. If you are experiencing infertility, please give Reid a call!

Mary S. Powder Springs, GA

I had an amazing experience with Reid! She is very knowledgeable about uterine placement and openly shared her knowledge. I recommend her services to my female friends experiencing problems with their reproductive organs.

Kaela W. Atlanta, GA

This was such an amazing experience!! Ms. Reid was awesome and I learned so much from her. I do plan on returning to her again. She is also in tune with the Spiritual side which I really loved!!! Thanks Ms. Reid!!

Naomi W. Nashville, TN

Reid is amazing to say the least. I was referred to Reid by my midwife after test came back stating I had a blocked fallopian tube and a fibroid in my uterus that is preventing pregnancy. This is my second session with Reid performing the Maya massage. I’m more relaxed and feeling great about my future. I hope pregnancy is next!

Martha O. Atlanta, GA

Reid is amazing! I worked with her for over 2 years and became pregnant by surprise (we had stopped trying due to 2 second trimester losses from IVF pregnancies). You can imagine how surprised we were to find we had become pregnant naturally after over 6 years; having never conceived naturally. Our little boy was born healthy and happy! I am very grateful to Reid and all of the work we put into my healing (physically and mentally). She is fantastic.

Sara W. Atlanta, GA

Reid and her offerings are a great option for natural reproductive and menopausal health! She is a knowledgeable, well-trained, and experienced practitioner who helps me feel very safe and cared for.

Laura P. Atlanta, GA

Reid has given me hope to getting pregnant naturally. I love her compassion and patience with her clients. I would recommend her services.

Kamilah D. Atlanta, GA

She is in tune with the Mind Heart and Body Connection. She knows how to make you feel comfy yet get straight to helping you to heal whatever is out of alignment. Thanks so much and I can’t wait to see all of the beautiful results!

Yolanda N. Atlanta, GA

I have struggled with infertility for several years. It was very emotionally and financially difficult. Then I met Ms Reid. This was the first time in all my years of trying to conceive that someone saw me as a person and not a dollar sign. I never felt taken advantage of; she has a genuine love for her clients. Under her care I got pregnant. I combined her message techniques, herbal treatments and yoga with modern medicine to have a successful pregnancy. Thanks for all your help. I highly recommend your practice.

Marilyn R. Canton, GA

Reid is a valued member of my baby-making team. She has worked with me over the past year on various reproductive challenges, and I think the world of her. She has the perfect touch, firm but relaxing, and her presence is peaceful and calming. Her combination of massage, herb therapy, and yoga is a fantastic addition to any womb-care regimen.

Laura T. Avondale Estates, GA

Client Love!