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Hi I’m Reid Forrester LMT Extraordinaire!

For over 20 years now I”ve had a passion for bodywork, yoga, and holistic wellness and have come to specialize in:
Here’s my take on things: Health is Wealth! And I believe that Ancient Wisdom (sometimes coupled with Modern Science) CAN bring us back into Balance!
Let’s face it. While Western Medicine has made great strides in care over the last century it’s limitations lie in not recognizing and incorporating the common-sensicalness of Ancient Wisdom nor the impact of modern-day toxins that this last century’s ‘Age of Industrialism’ has reigned down upon us.
This system of high-tech, low-touch, treat-the-symtoms-not-the-root-cause approach has brought many consumers to question it’s overall long-term effectiveness in elevating and maintaining our quality of life.
My passions and never-ending studies have exposed me to much more outside-the-box and empowering holistic healthcare thinking then most are exposed to in terms of wellness assessment and care… which dates back to my college days when I became fascinated with the study of Medical Anthropology.
Over the years my studies have led me in the direction of Mayan, Chinese, and Ayurvedic Medicine– all of which utilize a holistic model of care that involves building a foundation of health as opposed to the Western Medicine’s ‘symptom management/sickness care’ model.

Want to get and stay pregnant?

If you’re struggling with infertility you are not alone! Hidden Gem of Decatur offers a Unique Education about the Root Causes of infertility and Empowerment. I believe every woman should know and understand her body and how to work with it. Learn more here then let’s get you signed up for a Complimentary 15 min Phone Consult to go over your challenges and get to work overcoming th

Getting ready to give birth?

Want to Heal the Body to Avoid Birth Trauma? We offer a empowerment and Better Birth Care Packages that set you down that path. Let’s talk about how we can work together to set you up for the birth you’ve always dreamt of. Sign up for a Complimentary Phone Consult and let’s get started!

Just want some good deep tissue work or pregnancy massage?

Sign up here for your Deep Tissue Massage, Cupping Therapy, or Pregnancy Massage appointment today! I’ll bring my Superstar Skills into play and get you feeling better. I promise you won’t regret it!
I’m here. Let’s get you on the books and let me bring my SuperStar work to the table… to give you some freedom from stress, pain, and ‘dis-ease’ (inbalance) in the body.
I’m excited to now be in West Georgia and look forward to meeting you all! So let’s get started!
In Health & Wellness,


Professional Massage Therapy (Integrative Focus)


The Heal Center, Atlanta, GA.

Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy

The Arvigo Institute, Denver, CO.

Infant Massage

Advanced Clinical Applications

The Arvigo Institute, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Bradley Natural Childbirth Teacher Training

The Bradley Method, Orlando, FLA.

Advanced Pregnatal/Pre-Conception/Postpartum.

The Arvigo Institute, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training 200hr

Reflections Yoga, PachaMama, Costa Rica.

Ayurvedic Bodywork

Kripalu School of Ayurveda, Stockbridge, MA.

Classical Yoga Teacher Training

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Dynamic Iridology

Cobblestone Health, Alberta, Canada.

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