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Hortence’s Suppository For Uterine Prolapse

Take a tampon, or batted cotton material the size of a tampon. Soak this in glycerin until the tampon is moist, but not saturated.

Put a dab of Vick’s Vapo Rub on the tip of the tampon.

Insert vaginally at bedtime, remove in the morning.

Depending on the extent of the prolapse will depend on the length of time this is done.

Use once a week for a month, or nightly for 3 days, then weekly.

Miss Hortense uses Vicks Vapo rub as essential oils are difficult to obtain in traditional cultures. Since this product is petroleum based, some users may not want to use it. Feel free to use essential oils at homeopathic amounts. These oils should be strong enough for the cervix to pull up and into the pelvic cavity.

The idea is to introduce something unpleasant to the uterus so that it will draw itself up and away from the odor.

The ancient Greeks used Valerian Root, other choices are eucalyptus or tea tree.

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