Become the Mother You Were Meant to Be! We Can Help.

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Become the Mother You Were Meant to Be! We Can Help.

Sauna Detox Massage

A marriage of ancient with modern to help relax and heal the body!
The ancient medical models of Ayurveda (which grew up alongside yoga in India) and Chinese Medicine both tout the use of oils, herbal medince, and massage to help to bring the body back into balance.
In other parts of the world such as Denmark and Sweden folks have been utilizing saunas for at least a thousand years to help soothe and cleanse the body of impurities… although people were known to spend HOURS in extreme heat saunas to reap the benefits.
At Hidden Gem our Signature Service is a beautiful paring of ancient wisdom and modern day sauna therapy by making use of top-of-the-line sauna blankets. skilled practitioners, and ancient wisdom.
In session, clients first receive a brisk Ayurvedic dry lymphatic massage with raw silk gloves. Then organic oil is applied to the body after which client is then wrapped in the sauna blanket for 30 minutes to allow the healing oil to penetrate.
While the heat is doing its magic, your practitioner will utilize a combination of oil massage, accupressure, reflexology, and marma pressure point therapy on the feet, neck, shoulders, and head. PURE BLISS!
This brings you to a state of deep blissful relaxation… which we guarentee you won’t find anywhere else in town!

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